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All our dishes are made with fresh, authentic ingredients

Please let your server about any food allergies if you may have!
V- vegetarian G-gluten free R-raw S-spicy
Lunch special : Tuesday - Friday 11AM to 2:30PM
  1. Volcano Roll
    Volcano Roll
    Cheesy! Hot & Spicy! Crunch crumbs & creamy melting cheese with tuna & spicy mayo sauce over rolled crabmeat, avocado, cucumber
  2. Shema Nigiri Sushi
    4 - 6
    Shema Nigiri Sushi
    White Tuna, Unagi(smoked eel), Tuna, salmon, snapper and Hamachi(yellow tail)
  3. Chirashi Sushi Bowl
    Chirashi Sushi Bowl
    Traditional Sushi dish with Chef's choice of fish with fish roe & seaweed salad over vinegared rice
  4. Beef Miso Ramen
    Beef Miso Ramen
    Fresh Japanese Ramen noodles in Shema Miso soup with Korean BBQ beef, shiitake mushroom, seasoned greens, corns and homemade spicy Garlic sauce
  5. Tempura Cheesecake
    Tempura Cheesecake
    Lightly fried creamy & light cheesecake with homemade honey ginger syrup drizzled
  6. Selective Sakes
    Selective Sakes
    Variety of Sakes; unfiltered sake with mango, white peach, pomelo, and yuzu(Japanese citrus fruit) & dry, semi-dry and sweet filtered sake. Let's find out which Sake goes well with your food!
  1. Lunch Special
    Tuesday - Friday, 11AM - 2:30pm Choices of Sushi plates and kitchen entrees Served with Bento Box (only for dine-in) Come with Shema miso soup & salad
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  3. Take-Out Order
    Shema takes 'Take-out' orders via walk-in or phone. *277 Alexander Street, Suite 102, Rochester, NY 14607 *585-325-6555

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