Nigori Sake

Unfiltered, Served Chilled or on the rocks. Cloudy because of the unfiltered rice sediment that is left in the sake. Shaken before served.

Kizakura Nigori, Kyoto, Japan
Authentically brewed ‘milky’ sake of rich, sweet’n sour flavor, which tastes crisp and smooth.
SMV -35 / Acidity 2.2



Rice with 30-40% of the kernel polished away, full-bodied, acidic, and pairs well with a variety of food. Junmai means "pure rice".

Okunomatsu, Fukushima, Japan
The mellow fragrance and deep, rich taste of a good Junmai sake. ‘Freshly preserved’ after bottling. SMV +0 / Acidity 1.4

Kurosawa, Nagano, Japan
Sweet and savory coconut, banana, vanilla bean, and walnut aromas. A round entry leads to an earthy, full-bodied palate, with mineral flavors. Served chilled or room temperature.
SMV +2 / Acidity 1.5



Undiluted sake with a full-bodied and rich taste. This sake usually has a high alcohol content as it is not diluted with water.

Wakatake Onikoroshi Genshu,
Shizuoka, Japan

Light, smooth, and rich type. Fruity aromas of apple, banana, citrus fruit and melon combined with dry grain and cream. Full-bodied sake with a touch of sweet beans. Served chilled or warm.
SMV +7 / Acidity 1.4


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